My New Blog

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog!

After maintaining a few tumblrs for a number of years, I have decided to put everything together in one place!Ā 

Here’s how I came to this decision. I sent a text to my friend Steph saying, “Steph! I think I want to make a new blog instead of having so many little tumblrs! I’m going home now so if you’re online we can discuss this further!” Steph informed me that she was out with her family, but she responded, “I think you should consolidate! I like that idea.” I told her I would think about it for a few days. Later that day I made this blog!

One of my greatest fears about having a blog is that I’ll spend too much time talking about myself. So if there is something on here that does not encourage you, or make you laugh, or isn’t about you, let me know and I shall remedy the situation as quickly as possible! :)

Also, the name. I was inspired by this:


Enjoy! :)


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