I had a great summer!

I wrote about how I was nervous for summer here, but God is SO GOOD and He provided for me! :)

I ended up working at the Markham Museum. It’s 25 acres of beautiful green fields, old historic houses, and it’s even got a train! I worked as a camp counsellor there, which meant I would show up everyday teaching little kids about technology and archaeology, and playing games very remotely related to those topics. It was a great job, even though I’ve lost my voice now from yelling at kids all day.

The people I worked with were so fantastic as well! We’d joke around all the time, and on the last day of work, we just had a hugfest in the locker room. No one wanted to say goodbye :( Thankfully, a huge number of the staff study at Queen’s, so I’ll see them soon :)

I also made some cards for our supervisors and director to thank them for the awesome job they did leading us! I shall put them down below!

imageOlivia is great. She’s the one who encouraged me to take this job! We’ve known each other since our first year of university and we always wave to each other on the street.

imageNicole is also great! I wasn’t too pleased with how this card turned out on the night I made it, but a fellow camp counsellor added some purple flowers and a butterfly to the card, and made it look a lot nicer!

imageLewis is very silly. He wears bright blue contacts, is very tall, and for some reason, laughs whenever I say anything.

imageRyan is the Munchkins (ages 3-5) supervisor! He’s always so joyful and is really good at talking to little kids.

imageDavid (Da-VEED) is our camp director! He is from Spain, which explains the upside down exclamation mark.

I’ve been suffering from camp withdrawal. I finished work three days ago, and the last two nights, I’ve dreamt about camp. Oh dear …


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