Making cards is a lot easier when you’re at home

Today is my friend Megan’s birthday.

I had plans to meet up with some other friends to buy Megan some birthday tea before we headed off to her birthday dinner. But I had a meeting beforehand, so I brought some cardmaking supplies with me so that I could quickly make a card before my meeting started. I forgot one important cardmaking tool: SCISSORS.

At first, I thought I’d just use markers. But then the card looked ugly. So I ripped the page in half and started again. I shamelessly copied borrowed my sister’s birthday card designs, and it looked better, but my “happy birthday!” didn’t look so great (I need to work on my lettering). I ripped up some more paper, wrote Megan’s name on it, and glued it on to the card.

And thus, the end product.


It looks okay.

It’s the thought that counts anyway. (I’ve got three other people signing this card! It will be three times more thoughtful.)

P.S. This reminds me of another cardmaking fiasco in my past. Oh, and this one too.


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