WARNING: The following post documents a VERY BIG FAIL

(This post is from last Christmas!)

Hello everyone. So I’ve got a long break between exams, so I thought I’d get started on some Christmas cards because people are starting to leave Kingston! And so it began. Last night I embarked on a mysterious adventure. I decided to try making cards with … WATERCOLOURS.

Oh my goodness what a terrible idea.

First I started off by making the templates. I put the remains of a final essay to good use, and cut out a Christmas tree. I put the Christmas tree on some cardstock. Painted over it using Christmas colours. According to a friend, the end result looked like a bloody tree .

It turned out relatively okay though, so I thought I’d keep going. I cut up some scraps of cardstock to make my cards. It turned out like this:

So some people are obviously going to get different-size cards. I also found out that straight lines and I don’t get along.

Anyway, since the first Christmas tree turned out okay, I thought I’d be really ambitious and try to cut out WORDS. (It really looked beautiful in my head!) … It didn’t really work out.

So words didn’t quite work out. So I moved on to my little stamps! (I love those little guys!)

But they failed me. (Look at those splotches!)

In the end, I decided to scrap the idea.

Here’s what I ended up getting done … I will put these pictures up in my house. Our walls are too white. We literally have no decorations.


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