I’m not from Toronto


This is the Cloud Gardens ConservatoryIt’s a stinky little place, but the city made a valiant effort in putting an industrial-chic park/fountain/sitting area right beside The Bay. It really does smell.

Whenever I’m travelling and people ask me where I’m from, I say Toronto. The truth is, I am a VERY proud citizen of Markham, Ontario, and it is really just unfortunate that people outside of the Greater Toronto Area generally have never heard of it. And even some people who live in the GTA have never heard of it.

That being said, I am really starting to embrace the fact that I live near Toronto. Every time I go downtown, I am SO EXCITED. The first time I went on the subway on my own, I was 18 years old. I was practically bouncing I was so excited!

A few months ago, I worked at a high school downtown as a student teacher. My greatest dream: a COMMUTE! I got to ride the subway every morning and afternoon! I was practically bouncing I was so excited! (But everyone who goes on the subway hates it, and everyone always looks bored too, so I made sure to contain my excitement.)


Even though I’m from Markham, I think Toronto is great! Here are some interesting facts about this super cool city! (They’ll make you sound smart every time you mention a historical tidbit about the street you’re walking on!)


Some funny hopscotch dominoes near U of T.



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