Hummus Pasta

If someone came up to me and asked me, “What do you do when you have tubs full of hummus with fast approaching expiration dates?!” I would calmly reply, “MAKE SOME HUMMUS PASTA OF COURSE.”

I have too much hummus in my fridge. I’ve already exhausted all my veggie sticks and chips and dippable foods. So I searched hummus recipesย on the Google search and came across this: HUMMUS PASTA. I skimmed through some recipes but decided to disregard them.

Here’s how I made my famous hummus pasta!

I started off with some chicken broth. I used about half that box, which makes the sauce a bit watery, but it ends up being okay because there’s so much flavour anyway.


Next, I added some diced onions into the mix to give it a bit more substance! I used one small yellow onion.


Then I added all my fixings: soy sauce, black pepper, parsley, onion salt, and garlic powder. I add these fixings to everything. They are great.


Then came the moment of truth: adding the hummus. I put in 4 great dollops of hummus, but it didn’t seem to change the consistency of the sauce.


I started freaking out about how watery the sauce was. I put the heat higher so that water would evaporate faster. I worried so much about this sauce that I neglected my chicken and onions that had been quietly cooking on the side and ended up leaving them to burn. I added in my spaghetti to soak up some of the sauce.


I added my burnt chicken and onions to soak up some more sauce.


And then I just drained it all and kept the rest of the watery sauce for later. And it was deliciously delicious!



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