Pasta Salad

I have wanted to make pasta salad ever since I stayed over at my sister’s house once and she let me eat whatever was in her fridge, and in her fridge was a pasta salad, and then I ate it. I loved how healthy it made me feel, and I also enjoyed how I could eat it straight out of the fridge, without needing to microwave it or heat it up!

The first thing I did was prepare my vegetables! I just cut up celery, baby carrots, and grape tomatoes into tiny little pieces. Look at how colourful they are!


I was going to be really cool and current by buying olive oil from the local olive oil store, but my wallet wouldn’t let me. And there’s always oil resting atop the basil leaves in pesto jars. So I figured that would be enough.


I threw my pasta and vegetables and olive oil at each other and mixed them all together! It was delicious. Unfortunately, I did not have the foresight to cook my pasta beforehand so that it would have time to cool down in the fridge, so I sort of had a warmish pasta salad the first time around. My leftovers the next day tasted much better.



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