Cape Cod and Boston: FOOD

I ate a lot of food on my trip to Cape Cod and Boston. It is the land of seafood.

The first place we went to eat was The Lobster Pot in Provincetown, which is at the very tip of the cape!

We had a LOT of food. My parents and I each had a different kind of soup to start off our delicious lunch! My dad had the clam chowder, my mom had a lobster bisque, and I had a Portuguese soup. (Provincetown used to be a Portuguese fishing village so every restaurant serves Portuguese soup. It’s got sausage and kale in it!)

We then proceeded to get two more appetizers: a hot seafood platter with blackened shrimp and mussels and oysters, and a cold lobster/avocado/mango concoction which tasted wonderful!


And then we got two lobsters (one stuffed and boiled, the other cooked in some other way which allows the lobster to keep more of its flavour). I was so full after.


For dinner, we ate at The Mayflower. (Provincetown is really living up the fact that the pilgrims settled there first for five weeks before arriving in Plymouth.) I had more Portuguese food in the form of fish and chips. It just came with some special Portuguese sauce, but I asked for tartar sauce as well. My dad continued his tradition of trying different beers at every new restaurant we go to by ordering a Mayflower beer. According to the side of the bottle, the pilgrims had to stop in Provincetown because they were running out of supplies, especially beer. (Those silly pilgrims!)

The next day, my family and I went out for a late brunch at The Hole in One in Orleans. I had a GIANT hot chocolate and some crab cakes eggs benedict! Even at the non-touristy places, seafood is a staple.

For dinner we ate at The Black Cat in Hyannis, which is the biggest city in Cape Cod. It’s also famous for being the summer home of President John F. Kennedy. We had to wait for over an hour, but the food wasn’t bad! I had clam chowder in a mug, with Cape Cod’s famous oyster crackers! (I don’t know why they call them that. They don’t taste like oysters. Literally EVERY restaurant we went to gave us these oyster crackers with our clam chowder.) I think by this point the large food portions were getting to me, so I got an appetizer for dinner, a very classy blackened shrimp and fruit risotto!

Our last meal was in Boston, at the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar. It was like a slightly less wacky version of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. It had the most colourful menus and the cutest cups! Keeping with the seafood theme, I got fish tacos. They were okay. They came with waffle fries that were supposed to be dusted with some sort of spice and cocoa powder, but I didn’t taste anything chocolatey. The real star of the meal was my melting marshmallows hot chocolate! It came in a hug mug, which you are supposed to hug to keep your hands warm! I’m not sure how practical it is to hold that cup, though. I didn’t try. I’m quite certain I would’ve dropped it and made a big mess.

Well, that was most of the food I ate two weekends ago! I’m hungry now.

P.S. What I did on my trip.


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