Macaroni Mishap

I made mac and cheese! It was quite interesting. I was also aided by my boyfriend, who shall henceforth be known as Dangerous Dan.

The first thing we did was cook the macaroni. We had some trouble with this because I don’t really own any large pots. So we cooked all the macaroni in my normal pot, which I use to make one can of soup. This obviously proved to be very difficult. we had to stir very slowly and laboriously in order for the macaroni to stay in the pot, which ended up not working anyway — so much macaroni ended up on my kitchen floor. After all this trouble, we added some onions and spinach to the pasta.


And we added lots of pepper.

Next, the cheese!

Then we proceeded to stick the whole thing in the oven. This is when we got into another spot of trouble. Dangerous Dan dropped the whole dish as he was putting it in the oven, which led to little shreds of cheese flying everywhere. Thankfully, the dish didn’t break and the macaroni remained intact for the most part, so we continued on our way.

When we took the mac and cheese out, it looked like this!


So the cheese was a bit uneven. Probably because we dropped the dish.

In the end, the mac and cheese tasted pretty good! I’d make it again, but only for situations where it can all be eaten in one go. This one batch lasted me a few meals, but every time I microwaved it, it felt a bit gummy and tasted a bit too cheesy. And kitchen utensils are the most terrible things to clean after cheesy foods.



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