Cape Cod and Boston: FUN

It is now time for a very long overdue post. I went on my trip to Boston and Cape Cod during Canadian Thanksgiving, and I still haven’t written about what I did there! (Though to be fair, food is a lot more important.) So here is what I did!

On our way to Provincetown (at the tip of the cape), we stopped at the Salt Pond Visitor Centre. I’m not sure what we were planning on looking at while there because the government had shut down and so the centre was closed, but we walked along a salt marsh (hence the name) and it was beautiful.

We spent our first afternoon in Cape Cod in Provincetown. It’s a great little beachy town with lots of dogs, old people, and colour! (I did not take any pictures of old people or dogs, but I promise there were a lot of them! And that water fountain in the picture below is specially made for people and their canine companions.)

We had planned on going on a Sunset Sand Dune Tour that night, but due to the government shutdown (again!), we weren’t allowed to go on the dunes. We looked at them though. And then we sat on the beach and watched the sunset.

And just for fun, here are some government shutdown signs.

In Hyannis, we went to the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum. It was mostly just personal photos of the Kennedy family, as well as videos and newspaper clippings chronicling JFK’s life.

My family and I also visited Martha’s Vineyard. We took the ferry to the island and hopped onto a coach bus for an island tour. I got really bus sick and so I slept for most of the ride (which really defeats the purpose of a bus tour), but I did hear the driver list all the famous people who have homes on Martha’s Vineyard. We got off the bus in a small town called Aquinnah, which boasts a lighthouse and a cliff. According to Wampanoag myth, a giant named Moshup killed whales to provide food for the people, and the cliff is red and black because of the whale blood and the coals used to cook the whale. (To be honest, I didn’t really see the red and black on the cliffs; I think I was still groggy from my sleep.)

And now, a picture of beautiful Boston to end things off!

DSC00841P.S. What I ate on my trip.


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