Winter in Asia

This past winter break, I was very fortunate to go on a trip to Asia with my parents! Hong Kong was our base; from there we also travelled to Macau and Singapore.

In Hong Kong, I got in touch with my roots (sort of) and tried to embrace my Chinese heritage. (I had SO MANY Canadian moments … and also suburban moments … could my parents have moved to a place more different from where they’d grown up?! [Actually, 30ish percent of Markham is Chinese, so really it’s not that different.])

In Macau, I saw the glitz and glamour of the Cotai strip, and also the effects of Portuguese colonialism in the Macau Peninsula. (Yay history!)

In Singapore, I did the typical touristy things, like riding the Singapore Flyer (the tallest ferris wheel in the world!), and visiting the Gardens by the Bay.


(A picture of Gardens by the Bay taken from the Singapore Flyer! It’s not the iconic domes, but at least I got the supertrees.)

I also ate a lot in Singapore.


And I used a few of Singapore’s various modes of transportation!


DISCLAIMER: These posts are by no means a guide to any of these places. I may offer some tips as they come, but I mostly just followed my parents around so I really don’t know much.

Also, Christmas in this part of the world is kind of funny. It’s just so warm! I heard so many songs about falling snow as I sweat myself silly in 30 degree weather. Christmas decorations were really intense and all over the place! I think it was to make up for the lack of snow.


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