Happy Valentine’s Day!


I chose this picture because cupcakes basically symbolize love!

I would like to take this time to share with the world one of the most hilarious blogs ever. It’s written by a teacher who shares really funny stories from her classroom, but also legitimately good teaching advice! This Valentine’s Day, she sent anonymous valentines to students in her class who might not have received any cards from other students. So sweet! So warm and fuzzy!

I had a few Valentine’s Day festivities in my class this week too! We ate lots of chocolate. I also had my students tape paper to their backs, then walk around and write nice messages or compliments on the backs of their classmates! I was originally going to make the activity semi-educational by telling my students to try to use the adjectives we’d learned in class, but in the end I didn’t bother, and the only thing educational about the activity was that the students had to write in French. I walked around the class reading some of the messages, corrected some grammar, and saw this very kind but slightly inappropriate message:

“Vous avez un beau physique.”

Which means you have a nice physique. Interesting. Oh those crazy first years.






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