Musings from Cheung Chau

Hello everyone! Remember how I went on a trip to Asia and then barely wrote about it? Sorry about that. I promise to post the odd picture every now and again.

During my trip to Hong Kong, my parents and I went to Cheung Chau (長洲). It is a cute little island/fishing village off the coast of Hong Kong, and it’s about as rural as it gets in Hong Kong (which means it’s not rural at all, but there’s like 0.000001 times the amount of cars). It had a nice beach and everything too! I saw some pretty hilarious things in Cheung Chau which incited deep, profound thoughts in my brain, so I’d like to share some photos with you.

First, the long and slow transition into the countryside (about an hour and a half ferry ride).

And now for the photos! Okay. They’re not actually that thought-provoking. Actually it’s just the object of the photograph with a period beside it.  (Scroll your mouse over the photos to read!)

Here is a picture of the beach to end things off!



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