Instead of Exams …

I just wrote my last ever exam EVER IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE probably. In honour of this momentous occasion, here is a list of things I’d rather do to prove that I know things about the sociopolitical history of the French language. (If I ever teach French history, I may actually give these to my students as assignments. Exciting! #teacherlife)

1. Pretend you are Cardinal Richelieu. Write a monologue detailing your plans for political domination.

  • I actually did something similar to this in grade 12! Everyone in my English class was invited to a conference for illegitimate children and I pretended to be Edmund and I ranted about how I was mad at my father and his legitimate son. (TRUTH: I had to use sparknotes to remind myself of the details of King Lear. I guess I didn’t really learn that much then.)

    Apparently this is Cardinal Richelieu.

2. Examine the historical accuracy of Les Misérables.

Look at this EPIC picture of the most important people involved in the French Revolution.

3. Prepare some sort of delicious food that is eaten in a francophone region of the world. CAJUN CHICKEN. BANH MI SANDWICHES. DELICIOUS.

4. Present a brief but comprehensive biography of Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s life. If time allows, you can discuss what he did for bilingualism in Canada, but as long as you finish your presentation by saying “JUST WATCH ME!” with the same flair and vigour as he did, then you’ll get a good mark.

I’m such a fan <3

I wish I could have done one of these things instead of answer questions about dead French guys and the hundred bajillion language laws in Quebec, but I’d like to think that I still learned some things.

… I will probably forget all of this information by the end of next week.


All pictures taken from google images! Thanks, Mr. Google. 


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