Singapore: FOOD

A good deal of my travelling centers around food. And the food in Singapore did not disappoint! (NOTE: We ate at some regular old places in Singapore too, which is not as exciting, so I’m only going to share about the food that you can only get in Singapore!)


Our first meal there was at Lau Pa Sat, which is also known as Satay Street. It’s normally held in a marketplace area, but that was under construction. The next street over is being used instead, so all the different food booths were lined up along the sidewalk, while tables and chairs were set up on the road.

When we arrived, a man came towards us, gave us some menus, and proceeded to seat us. On our way to a table, another person came to give us menus, and then another person came, and then another one!  In the end, we got menus from at least 4 or 5 different booths and we ordered from all of them (SO MANY CHOICES)!

We got satay (pork, chicken, beef, and prawn), some kai lan vegetable (SO GOOD AND GARLICKY), cuttlefish (I’m a really lazy eater and if I need to pick at my food in order to eat it, I usually don’t bother, so I only had one of these), and sting ray! (I bit off a little piece, but it was really spicy so I couldn’t really eat it. It had a weird texture though.)

The food was delicious, the atmosphere was really exciting (eating on the street under the dim lighting of a streetlamp while people are cooking satay all around you!), and it was a short walk from our hotel so that was a bonus. Here is a picture of the remnants of my food.



We also ate at the Singapore Food Trail, which is like a fake touristy food court underneath the Singapore Flyer. It’s supposed to look like 1960s Singapore, and you can try all sorts of local dishes there! My family and I shared some glutinous rice balls sprinkled with crushed peanuts!


Raffles Hotel is the fanciest hotel in Singapore! It’s where the Queen stays whenever she visits. It’s so fancy, people aren’t even allowed to walk into the lobby unless they’re guests. (We were very sneaky and got in to ask for directions – it’s quite luxurious!)

Since it was Christmastime, our afternoon tea included a buffet, which served a strange mix of British food (scones!) and dim sum (dumplings!).

And of course, I drank lots of tea (hot and cold!)


The last place we ate at that is worth noting was also at Raffles; it’s called The Long Bar. Singapore is so harsh on cleanliness laws, but this is the one place that Singaporeans can let loose; I felt like I was at a speakeasy during the prohibition era! You’re encouraged to litter here, so I threw my peanut shells on the floor with vigour and enthusiasm and I felt so liberated! I also had a nice non-alcoholic version of the famous Singapore Sling. I’m sure it tasted great, but to be honest I don’t remember because I was too busy throwing things on the ground.

I never know how to end these posts. Basically, the food in Singapore is exciting and delicious!

P.S. Fun things I did in Singapore!


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