A Lack of Cherry Blossoms

DSC01837This past weekend, I was tricked by the somewhat reputable blog/magazine, Toronto Life. It lied to me. According to a post, this weekend was supposed to be the last weekend possible to see High Park’s beautiful cherry blossoms. The blooming would be slightly underwhelming this year due to the ridiculously long and cold winter, but according to the map linked to the post, there would be pink trees all over the park!

Yesterday, Dangerous Dan and I made the long trek all the way to High Park to take a look at these beautiful trees. We exited the subway station, and to my horror, we came face to face with a bunch of BROWN TREES. “Where are the cherry blossoms????!!!!” I screeched. “Maybe they’re in another part of the park,” Dangerous Dan replied calmly.

I was slightly disappointed, but we followed a very cute and enjoyable nature path towards the Hillside Gardens. And there, we finally saw it. ONE. BLOOMING. TREE. And since it was the only tree, it was surrounded by people with their cameras and tripods and smiles!

We weren’t pushy enough to get any closer to the tree, so we took a few photos from far away, continued along to another part of the park while grumpily wondering whether that one sad tree was what Toronto Life meant by “a dose of pink fluffiness,” and saw this:

DSC01849HOW BEAUTIFUL. So I guess Toronto Life didn’t lie to me after all, but they did make it seem like the park would be covered in pink when it was really more of a brownish green. Perhaps I will try again another year. In any case, High Park is such a wonderful place to visit – families were picnicking, children were climbing, and ducks were quacking!



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