This past weekend, Dangerous Dan and I had exciting plans to go to Ripley’s Aquarium downtown. But the line for tickets was just too long! So we looked for other ways to look at water, which led us to the lovely waterfront of Toronto.


The Harbourfront always has fun things to do! There are boat tours, paddleboats, food, and lots and lots of art galleries!

The first little exhibit we stumbled upon was about remaking Toronto into a water city, since all the skyscrapers here block the coastline. There were pictures of other water cities, like Barcelona and Venice, showing how cruise ships on the horizon or seagulls flying around are indicators of water nearby. There was also a whole wall covered in slips of paper which people could write or draw on, explaining how much they loved water in Toronto.

Then we took the regular walk along the dock, looked at boats and more water, and stared at all the artwork that the Harbourfront exhibits.

Harbourfront usually has a very large outdoor photography exhibit. The one that we saw is called No Flat Land; it’s theme was exploring Toronto’s geography. It was mostly pictures of nature, some pictures of apartment buildings beside trees, and a few pictures of trees in the snow. The captions for the photos were deep and artistic and meaningful and vague. The exhibit made me appreciate the ravine system in Toronto and area, at least (we have creeks!).


The rest of our adventure consisted of us walking around some more, walking in and immediately walking out of a very abstract art exhibit, then playing on that sand dune boardwalk thing.

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