Professional Development

I walked into school today with a happy smile on my face because it was fifteen minutes later than my usual arrival time.

“Excuse me,” said a secretary. “You know today’s a P.A. Day, right?”

“Yes,” I said sadly. “I’m a student teacher.”

“Oh! Sorry!” she said. Then she went back into the office, and I walked away with my head hung low.

I had a wonderful professional development experience today, not so much for the professional development things but mostly because it was fun. The teachers were whisked away to a local camp to complete various teambuilding exercises in order to help the school develop a sense ofย community and to fosterย relationships.

Those words may sound fluffly and silly, but I think they’re actually really important.

This is a picture showing teamwork. Me and the teachers did something similar, except we used string, bungee cord, and a squishy soccer ball. And sometimes we weren’t allowed to talk because you know how those teambuilding exercises work.

When I become a teacher, I’ll be with the same kids for the majority of the day, for the majority of the year. For the sake of everyone’s sanity and health, it just makes sense to have a GOOD relationship between teachers and students.

I don’t have an exact, detailed plan of how I will do this, but I’ll start by taking interest in my students’ interests. The other day, a student told me he was going to visit a university over the weekend. Tomorrow, I shall ask him what he thought of it and what he hopes to study, so that he knows that I care!

Today was the start of building relationships among the staff at my school (seriously, the teamwork was so intense that personal boundaries were broken). The goal is for these staff-staff relationships to help foster teacher-student-admin-support staff-caretaker relationships!ย I’m glad that the administration allowed student teachers to take part (I guess it is part of that making friends with everyone piece). I learned a lot, got to know some teachers outside of my department, and I am one step closer to calling teachers by their first names instead of their last. (!)


2 thoughts on “Professional Development

  1. TraceFace says:

    Is that what teachers do on PA days? :P. That sounds really great! You’re growing professionally :O. I also like how you’re making an effort to show students you care :).
    I also read the post in your voice!

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