The Wvrst Restaurant Ever

So the reason I ventured downtown last weekend was to attend a friend’s birthday bash! The restaurant we went to was called WVRST (Yes. The U in wurst is stylized as a V. So hipster! Latin!*).


WVRST is a very funky restaurant that specializes in sausage bratwurst things! This was my first time eating bratwurst so I decided to stick with the more classic fare (as in no game meats – my friend ate a kangaroo! – and no special curry sauce). I ordered the boerewors** sausage, which was made of beef and cilantro. I got it with sweet peppers and sweet onions because that’s what the server suggested.


WVRST has a sort of high-end fast food kind of feel. We had to go up to the cash to order.


There were long tables with benches, lots of individual incandescent lightbulbs (apologies to our lovely planet), and the shiny red brick wall that proudly displayed the name of the restaurant. All in all, it was a wonderful place to enjoy a meal!


*Why are v’s sometimes u’s?! This blog post explains why quite nicely. In my grade 12 French class, we are learning about the history of the French language and how French is just a simplification of Latin! Also, did you know that the accent circonflexe (the little hat on top of letters) is used to show that there used to be an s beside that letter back when it was Latin?! Here are some examples of French words with the accent but English kept the s: château – caStle! fête – feStival! maître – maSter! île – iSland!

**Boerewors. Boer Wars? There was a little flag beside each type of meat on the menu, and I wish I knew my flags because then I would’ve been able to check if this meat came from South Africa or something. (I checked on wikipedia. It is a type of sausage popular in South African cuisine. Except “wors” means sausage. Duh.)

***Footnotes are fun!!!

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