A Baby Shower and the End of Canadian Target

I shall now interrupt our regular South American programming to share photos of the decorations I made for my sister’s baby shower and also to talk about shopping!

The weekend before the shower, I went to Target to buy some supplies. I never really go to Target because it’s a bus ride away and the selection is not as magical and exciting as I had seen in American magazines’ portrayals of Target. But since I needed a bunch of different things and it’s a department store, Target was the place to go!

I bought a bunch of lovely things by this brand called Spritz.


They had balloons, paper straws (???), paper lanterns, and pennant banner things! That last item was awesome because I was planning on making one by myself, and then Target saved my life and had a pre-made one for me ready to go!


I also bought some supercool construction paper with lots of beautiful colours and awesome prints, which I will use for my future arts and crafts endeavours.

I used this paper to make cute little baby animals! My sister is going to put them up in the baby’s room and I feel so honoured!

So that was my exciting trip to Target, and probably my last one ever too, unless I go to one in the States, but if you’re on vacation, why would you go to a department store?


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