Punta Arenas

We had a lot of sailing to do, so 4 days after visiting Puerto Montt, we finally arrived at Punta Arenas! As I mentioned earlier, my mom had heard of lots of penguin tours cancelling due to weather, so this was our first penguin visit out of three! It turns out my mom was very smart – our penguin tour was cancelled due to rocky waves (we were supposed to go to an island). We ended up taking another tour instead, which was more popular, which meant more humans and less penguins (SAD!). We also shared a 2 hour van ride with a howling baby. So that made things a bit more uncomfortable. Plus, sad baby FELL ASLEEP by the time we got to the penguin colony, so she missed all the cute penguins (SO SAD!).


Otway Sound is the name of the colony, and we had to walk down a long boardwalk to get to the beach, where the penguins were. We saw a few penguins as we walked along the boardwalk, but only in clumps of 2 or 3. There was one penguin who kept screaming. I think he felt trapped by the humans.

When we got to the main attraction, I had to push and shove a bunch of people out of the way just to catch a glimpse of the silly birds! They were all huddled together and standing by the water. So I looked at the penguins for about two seconds, and then we walked allll the way back to the van! And that was that for the penguins.

We decided to explore the town of Punta Arenas for a bit, and also look for supplies for our ship-building contest! (SPOILER ALERT Dangerous Dan and I got 5th out of 5; so displeased. My parents got 2nd.) We experienced real Chilean things; we went into a Chilean version of Home Depot and also a supermarket!


They have 3 LITRE Coke in South America! Whattt!!!!


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