Punta Tombo

Our third and final penguin destination was Punta Tombo. It was HOT. Did you know penguins could live in hot weather?! Me neither.

Don't touch the penguins!

Punta Tombo is a provincial park and a very popular tourist destination, so we followed a boardwalk, similar to Otway Sound. There were penguins and people allll over the place. Unlike Otway Sound, there was a lot more space and a lot more penguins to see! But the walk was long, which led some people to do crazy things like leave strollers in random spots of the park.


The first place we stopped at was the visitors centre. I’m so glad our tour guide insisted on this, because by stopping at the centre first, we had the privilege of peeing in NICE, CLEAN, EMPTY WASHROOMS, rather than waiting in long lines for stinky toilets at the park. Also, the centre was basically a museum and I learned a lot about penguins and other animals that live in the area.


During our walk with the penguins, I tried to keep a look out for all the other wildlife too. I saw rodents, guanacos (part of the alpaca family!), and ostriches!


These are guanacos.

I enjoyed the different perspective that Punta Tombo offered – the heat made things so interesting! Penguins were swimming! The water was beautiful and blue! The rocks were rocky and red! The only bad part about the heat was that the penguins were hot too, and it just looked weird. They were supposed to walk from their little burrows to the water in order to get food, but the heat caused them to flop onto the ground if there was ever any shade. I also saw a lot of dead penguins, not sure if it’s due to the heat or survival of the fittest or scary seagulls.

It was really nice to see the penguins swimming, though. They’re so awkward on land and they waddle everywhere, but in the water, they’re fast and sleek and cool!


Overall, I enjoyed my penguin experience. They are super cute and it was so exciting to see them in their natural habitat instead of just at the zoo! I also saw a penguin poo and it was squirty and moist, and I don’t think I’ll ever have that experience again, so it’s something that I will hold dear to my heart forever.


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