Montevideo: FOOD

When I went to Montevideo, we visited the ViñVarela Zarranz. I turned SUPER RED because I can’t hold my alcohol.

The winery’s been owned by the same family since it was created, so a lot of things are done by hand, using more traditional methods. One of the family members gave us a guided tour of the facilities. There were a lot of machines and barrels and GRAPES (yumyum!). I didn’t pay much attention because I was really just there for the free lunch. As I said before, I’m not really a drinker.

We ate our lunch in a beautiful little cottagey home. The lighting was dim and the atmosphere was cozy! (Look how beautiful the decor is!) Everyone who was part of the tour sat around this table, and we got to enjoy a meal together and get to know one another! Our tour guide ate with us too. Our driver had to sit in a corner by himself and eat some random sandwich or something because obviously he wasn’t allowed to drink (but it’s okay, he had his mate! [The herbal drink with the metal straw. In case you forgot.]).

To start, we had an assortment of crackers, cold cuts, cheese, and almonds! SO DELICIOUS.

And then of course we had wine! We got to try four different wines (all made from grapes grown in the vineyard, and made in the winery), two white and two red. I think some of them had even won awards! I liked the white ones a lot. There was some sparkling wine at one point too.

For the main course, I had a ham and cheese pie! And for dessert, we all got yummy ice cream sandwiches!

After the winery tour, our tour guide insisted on having us try dulce de leche. We drove all over Montevideo and stopped at random stores and gas stations. We finally found a convenience store that had some, but my family didn’t buy any because that stuff is SWEET. My dad tried a Uruguayan beer instead. I also found the wine from the winery being sold at the convenience store, so that’s how I knew that this wine was legit and that I hadn’t spent the afternoon consuming some sort of dangerous, toxic substance. Although I guess any form of alcohol could be considered toxic, regardless of its quality. Drink responsibly, my friends!

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