A List of Things My Kids Have Said Over the Past Four Weeks

Yesterday was my last day of placement, so I made some thank you cards for my teacher, as well as some admin staff (*cough so that I can get a job ahem wink nudge cough*).

I learned a lot from my experience and I’m super excited to spend the rest of my life hanging out with teenagers.

To celebrate, here is a list of things I heard my kids say over the past four weeks that were sort of cute/funny, but mostly just weird.

1. “I hope you do not feel too hard to take care of the crops and the children.”

  • Teaching ESL is actually the cutest thing ever. This came from an assignment in which students had to write a letter home from the trenches during World War I.

2. “Eventually the ideas of life, liberty, and freedoms spread across the Atlantic to France, a once great nation that lay impoverished in the ashes of war.”

  • This kid told me he was writing me a novel.

3. “An example of freedom of peaceful assembly is when people had that protest when they discovered that KFC tortured its chickens before cooking them! That’s why no one eats KFC anymore … that’s why I work at McDonald’s.”

  • … How did they let me teach Grade 11 Law?!

4. “Stop moving me.”

  • I had asked the kids to give me feedback. What should I start doing, what should I stop doing, and what should I continue doing? This was one kid’s stop. He was a troublemaker.

5. “You look like you’re 12 years old.”

  • My kids said this to me even after I told them my age … young teacher problems …

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