Why You Should Be an Aunt (or Uncle)

If you have a sibling or a cousin or even just a close friend, tell them to get pregnant NOW. Make sure they’re married first. Then tell them to have a baby. Having a baby friend is a surefire way to insert some joy and happiness into your life!

My handsome nephew was born about a week ago, so I spent this past week intruding on my sister’s home and basking in my nephew’s glorious presence.

Why is it so wonderful to be an aunt? Here is a list!

1. Babies are cute!

  • My nephew is so cute. If I wasn’t afraid of Internet dangers I would post a picture. He has puffy little cheeks, an O-shaped mouth when he’s asking for milk, a tiny chin, and a furrowed brow that makes him look like a concerned old man!

2. You learn some valuable skills …

  • It was only a week, but I learned how to change a diaper and how to wrap a baby in a cloth! Babies have milestones like holding up their necks and rolling over; I had my own auntie milestones too, like when my nephew spit up on me (so many likes on that instagram post!) and when I got poo on my hand (it was my nephew’s poo … just clarifying).

3. … but you are still free from responsibility!

  • Crying baby goes straight to mom. This is also the reason why I changed only one diaper the entire week.

4. It is so exciting to watch a family grow!

  • I enjoy watching my sister and brother-in-law from the sidelines as they communicate with each other using secret, special parenting code words – “Pass the (insert cool and trendy baby brand name here)!” They are tackling their biggest and most important project yet – a little alien baby. He will affect their marriage and their faith and basically everything else about them in amazing ways!

I am now returning to the terrible land of Toronto which is terrible because my nephew isn’t there. I cried when we left. Continued crying in the car. Still crying. I hate being an aunt …


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