La Boca

FINALLY the last post to complete my series on my trip to South America! During our day in Buenos Aires, our tour guide took us to a neighbourhood called La Boca.

La Boca is the old port of Buenos Aires. New immigrants arrived to Buenos Aires via boat and settled right by the water. They used material from ships to make their houses, so the homes are covered in colourful corrugated metal! Today, La Boca is a popular tourist destination!

We visited a cute little alleyway/street called the Caminito, which is squishy and overrun with tourists but exciting all the same! It was full of local artists’ paintings (most of the subject matter had to do with tango) and also trees that had colourful crocheted patterns on them. Restaurants were also in abundance, all with free entertainment in the form of tango dancers! Even the Italian restaurant had tango dancers. There were also street performers (who were really just models). You could pay money to dress up like a tango dancer and pose with either a man in a sharp black suit, or a woman in a fiery red dress!

(Do you see a pattern forming? Apparently tango was created along the banks of the Rio de la Plata. That’s why Montevideo also claims to be the birthplace of tango.)

We escaped the crowds for a bit to look at the muddy waters of the river.

Then we dove right back in to the mass of people in our hunt for souvenirs! Since La Boca is so touristy, souvenir shops are all over the place. Our tour guide took us to one shop to try dulce de leche and it was delicious!

Our last stop in La Boca was the soccer stadium for the Boca Juniors. Dangerous Dan was very excited because he loves soccer! The team’s colours are yellow and blue because the first boat that came to the port when the team was formed was from Sweden.

Well, thanks for having me, South America! I learned a lot of things and overall I had a lovely time even though it was colder than I expected. ¡Adios!

P.S. A list of all the things I did on my trip.


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