Dear Mr Bus Driver

A random picture of a TTC bus that I did not take.

Dear TTC Bus Driver of the 25 southbound at around 8:45 am,

You are a great person. You have a really important job that a lot of people depend on. Thanks for driving me around town. Thanks for being so cheery! Every one of your greetings made me smile. (“Great! You made it!” “Were you looking for the bus? Perfect timing!”) ย I thought it was hilariousย when you stopped the bus and told everyone that it had stalled and that we needed to get off and wait for the next bus. It took you so long to say that it was an April Fools joke that I was starting to get worried! That was a pretty funny prank and you made a lot of ladies around me groan and then sigh in relief and then laugh really loudly. I wish I had been able to say thank you more properly. I shouted out “Thank you!” when I got off the bus but I’m not sure if you heard. And the bus was too crowdedย for me to get to the front to say thank you to your face. So thanks. You made the ride to work a lot more fun and exciting.

Love, Claire

Dear TTC Bus Driver of the 25 Northbound at around 5:15 PM,

This morning, I had the privilege of riding the bus with an awesome bus driver, and then it turned out that you were just as great! Thanks for letting people onto the bus even though there wasn’t really any physical room left. Thanks for constantly checking in with us to make sure we were comfortable/could still breathe/weren’t too upset with the squishy situation. I’m really sorry about the woman who asked where all the buses were and muttered “Excruciating!” under her breath as she got off the bus. I don’t think you appreciated that, but I thank you for keeping up your positive attitude and assuring people that only a few more stops were left before reaching the transfer station. I really liked when you ended off the bus ride by pretending you were the pilot of a plane. (“We are flying at an altitude of 0 feet. The temperature on the ground is … warmer than usual. Thanks for flying with TTC.”) I agree with the woman who yelled out, “We need more bus drivers like you!”

Love, Claire


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