Meatballs are Romantic

This past week, I decided that enough was enough and it was time Dangerous Dan and I did something romantic. I thought we could have some bonding time by cooking together. At first, we were going to make lasagna, but then we decided meatballs would be faster and less complicated and more fun!

Here are our ingredients. You can see that we have eggs, ground beef, and panko bread crumbs. I don’t think anyone’s ever used panko to make meatballs; Dangerous Dan just bought it because it was the cheapest kind of bread crumb.


As you may know, I am recipe-averse and usually just eyeball things. Into a bowl, I cracked two eggs, then added some of the bread crumbs. We whipped it all together to make this yellow, gooey mess! We also added in some spices.


Then came the meat! And we mixed all that together too. With our hands. To show that we aren’t afraid to get messy. To show that we are committed to this relationship even if/when it is a mess. (Did I take that too far?)

wpid-img_20150415_184826.jpgThen we rolled up the meat mixture into little balls and laid them out on a baking sheet with aluminum foil.

wpid-img_20150415_185847.jpgAfter 20 minutes in the oven, those bad boys came out looking like this:

wpid-img_20150415_193105.jpgWe added the meatballs to our pasta and arugula and it tasted delicious!





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