Exciting Explorations in the Woods!

The snow has finally disappeared, and the sun is coming out more often, and the temperature takes turns being super cold and insanely hot, which means that spring has finally arrived in Kingston! My friends and I decided to celebrate the beautiful weather by going on a nature hike. It was fun.


We went to Lemoine Point Conservation Areaย which is right in Kingston! You can do all sorts of things there, like swimming and hiking, but my friends and I just followed some trails and went on a walk.

We originally followed a very tame trail, so we decided to challenge ourselves by venturing further away from the parking lot. And then things turned muddy. But we couldn’t turn back because that would have been boring so we just kept trucking along through the mud! I tried to jump over a large puddle but didn’t quite make it so that is why my shoes are brown in the picture below.

Someone had told my friends that Lemoine Point is a great place to feed birds, so right before our hike we stopped by Bulk Barn to pick up some birdseed. In the middle of our muddy hike, we found a bird-filled clearing and stood there like statues with birdseed in our hands, waiting for birds to come and peck at us. The first time a bird landed on me, I screamed because I was so excited. A tip for future birdfeeders: the birds are afraid of phones! Whenever I tried to take a picture of the bird on my hand, the bird would fly away and none would land on me until I put my phone away.ย And that is why I have no pictures of birds on my hands.

We also saw a snake.

wpid-img_20150418_162054.jpgAnd here is a picture of ice that hasn’t melted yet.


Does this count as spring? Why is the weather so confused all the time? So many questions.


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