Pai Northern Thai Kitchen

When visiting a new restaurant whose type of cuisine I’ve tasted before, I always struggle with the same dilemma: Should I try something new that is unique to that restaurant? Or should I eat something that I’ve eaten somewhere else to compare the two dishes? These are the questions that often plague my mind, even though I have a really low standard for quality of food and everything tastes delicious to me!

At Pai, I decided to go with a classic Thai dish – the Chef Nuit Pad Thai. I don’t know who Chef Nuit is, but this pad thai was delicious and it actually did taste different from other pad thais that I’ve had! The pad thai came all nicely divided in sections: peanuts, noodles, and some sort of cold cabbage vegetable.

wpid-img_20150513_194127.jpgI mixed it all together and it was just magical. Oh and I also sprinkled some of that lime all over my food. The peanuts were perfectly roasted, and there was something special in these noodles that made them taste amazing! I highly recommend.

My wonderful and beautiful friend/old housemate who I was with told me that the black and white photo in the picture above is of the King and Queen of Thailand. Apparently their photo is proudly displayed in every restaurant in Thailand as a way of showing respect. Pai is also obsessed with the Toronto Raptors and there were #wethenorth signs all over the place!

I’m going to start putting information about the restaurants I write about at the bottom of my posts for easy access if you’re interested in eating there!

Pai | Northern Thai Kitchen / 18 Duncan Street, Toronto /


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