Queen St. Warehouse

I go out to eat a lot, and it is always way too exciting to find a cheap but delicious place to eat! Queen St. Warehouse (an offshoot of the very popular El Furniture Warehouse) is one of those places.

The restaurant is tucked among other delicious food places, so if there is a long and winding line at the front of the door (which there usually is), then there are lots of other places to snack or eat at instead! This review is going nowhere. Okay.

Everything on the menu costs a beautiful $4.95. That alone is reason enough to go.


This is all I paid at the end of the night! Amazing! Also what a cool bottom half of the receipt.

Luckily the food tastes great as well! I had a mushroom swiss burger, and even though the meat looked weird (as in, it didn’t look like meat … it looked more like a veggie patty), it still tasted really good. The peppered fries are also very tasty. And that bun is just beautiful. There was also something like gravy in my burger. I have never ever had gravy in my burger but it was gooey and delicious; it truly was a revelation.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t completely sold on the atmosphere. I felt like I was in a club, and the music was THUMPING. I was meeting up with a friend who I hadn’t seen in a while and so we had to scream at each other in order to make ourselves heard.


Waiting for my friend to arrive. Afraid that I will not be able to hear her over the noise. Fears were confirmed when she arrived.

All in all, my level of enjoyment at Warehouse was so-so. I might go again if I am in the area and am in need of a cheap place to eat! Otherwise, I think once was enough.

Queen St. Warehouse / 232 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON
El Furniture Warehouse / 410 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON


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