Anddddd here comes another post about food! I am really enjoying this downtown working life; I’ve never been to so many different cool/hip restaurants in such a short amount of time!

Last week, I met some friends for dinner. My one friend and I were hanging out beforehand, and she promptly informed me that we were eating at Sansotei, and I was like, “Yes! I love ramen!” We arrived at Sansotei and saw our friend standing outside. “Ready for some ramen?!?!” I shouted. He looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face and told me that we were eating at the restaurant beside Sansotei. This restaurant is called Gyugyuya. It was great! It is nice and yellow inside.


Gyugyuya has a large selection of beef dishes. I think its specialty is beef. It’s one of the rare Japanese restaurants that is devoid of raw fish.

The service here is LIGHTNING SPEED! When our food arrived, the waitress said, “Sorry about the wait.” We’d been sitting for about five minutes. Love the efficiency.

We were greeted with a coleslaw-type salad and some miso soup! For the main, I got a rice bowl with sliced beef and egg on it (I just got what my friend got because apparently he goes there all the time and knows what’s good).

It doesn’t look like a lot, but it was surprisingly filling and I had trouble breathing/walking afterwards because I was so full.

Gyugyuya / 177 Dundas Street West, Toronto / Google +


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