Downtown Adventures

I’ve been having an exciting summer of fun and I recently did some wandering with my friend! And of course we did some eating. So that is coming up later on in this post too.

One day after work, my friend and I hopped onto the streetcar (Am I a true Torontonian yet?) and travelled up to the Queen and Spadina area (a part of Toronto I don’t go to very often) and found ourselves in Graffiti Alley.ย (Actually, we were looking for places to explore because neither of us is from Toronto so I went online and found Graffiti Alley clearly labelled on Google Maps like a tourist attraction.)

Then we had a delicious dinner atย Home of the Brave. (It took me a really long time to figure out what the restaurant name was referring to, and then I realized it’s a lyric from the Star-Spangled Banner.) The restaurant has some interesting decor; it is like a mix of a pirate ship and America.

I got the Kentucky Fried Handshake Sandwich, aย nice juicy burger with a chicken leg coming out of it. Here is the burger from two different angles for your viewing pleasure.

I appreciate how they put the buffalo wing sauce on the side, because it was a little spicy! It was a delicious burger, but it was kind of upsetting that there were no fries accompanying it because that is kind of standard at most places.

Home of the Brave / 589 King Street West, Toronto / website


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