A few weeks ago I received my official teaching certifications. To my pleasant surprise, my teaching licence also comes with a whoooole lot of discounts and coupons! One of the coupons that caught my eye was for Scaddabush. (I ended up not even being able to use that coupon because it wouldn’t print, and also I already had plans to eat at Scaddabush, but anyways it was a funny coincidence. My friend had some other coupon for Scaddabush too.)

Scaddabush is all about Italian comfort food. As an appetizer, my friends and I shared the Charity Bread – part of the proceeds goes to Sick Kids! The feeling behind the bread was warm and beautiful but the actual bread itself was just a bit too oily for my taste.


Our server informed us that a chef named Miguel was making delicious meatballs so that’s what all of my friends and I got.

Our server wrote Miguel's name on the paper, and then my friends and I drew all over it. Sorry.

Our server wrote Miguel’s name on the paper, and then my friends and I drew all over it. Sorry.

I got a Classic Meatball on top of spaghetti. Even though it didn’t really come with any vegetables, it was DELICIOUS. (There were huge bits of garlic in it, which wards off vampires and tastes delicious.) Also, the basil really hit the spot! My friends got the Stuffed Meatball on top of spaghetti – it’s got pepperoni and other fun goodies in it. I had a few bites and I thought it tasted great, but my friends were feeling a bit salty towards the end of the night.

wpid-wp-1436757485875.jpgP.S. I love meatballs. Here is a post in which I recount my meatball-making adventures.

Scaddabush / 382 Yonge Street, Unit 7, Toronto (there’s also one in Mississauga!) / website


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