Un grand tour de Lévis

Hello from la Ville de Québec! I will be here for the next few weeks so lots of Québec-related posts shall be coming your way shortly. Oddly enough, my first post will not be about Québec because I’m silly that way.

This past Saturday, I went on a lovely tour of Lévis, the city on the other side of the Saint Lawrence River, across from Québec City.

Our first stop was at Les Forts de Lévis, Fort No. 1. After the Seven Years’ War, the British took over the area that is now Québec City, so there are lots of British forts/towers/military buildings in the area.

We started off the day with some “gunpowder tea,” which is called that because the little tea leaves reminded the soldiers of gunpowder. Then we went for a walk around the fort. The fort is surrounded by a little ditch; enemies would come running from far away, not see the steep drop that was the ditch/cliff, and then they would fall over and not succeed in their mission to overtake the fort. We also got to see the areas where the soldiers worked and lived. I learned that barrels full of gunpowder had to constantly be moved around so that the gunpowder wouldn’t clump together and become unusable. SO INTERESTING.

Next, we had a cute little picnic on a terrace overlooking the Saint Lawrence River and Québec City. The view of the Château Frontenac was just BEAUTIFUL even though it was a grey day. I also liked seeing all of the little boats.

After lunch, we had to get dessert, so we stopped by Chocolats Favoris, which is a super cool chocolate store that is very popular all over the province of Québec. I got a vanilla ice cream dipped in classic milk chocolate. There are 12 different flavours of chocolate fondue that you can choose from to dip your ice cream in, and there are also options for ice cream in bowls if you aren’t an ice cream cone kind of person.

The chocolate first comes out all liquidy, then it hardens into a nice shell, and then something was weird with the air con mixed with the summer heat which I think is why I got a beautiful layer of condensation on my chocolate which for some reason made it look even more delicious!

Our last stop of the day was the Lieu historique national du chantier A.C. Davie, a museum for an old shipyard that used to be in Lévis along the Saint Lawrence.

There isn’t really much to see of the actual shipyard, but I took a picture of it anyway. There is a working model inside of the museum, which the tour guide used to explain to us how the Davie family fixed and built ships!

The shipyard was a family business until the last remaining son died without bearing any children. After that, it continued to operate under other people until 1989. Since it was a family business, there was also a cute little family home that we were able to explore.

Well, that is that for my exciting trip to Lévis! I might not post again until the end of my trip, but we’ll see!


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