Québec City: FOOD

When one thinks of food from Québec, one thinks of maple syrup and poutine. I will discuss both of those foods, among others, in this post.


If you’re not Canadian and you really want to get a TASTE of the country, you should visit a cabane à sucre. This is where Canadians make maple syrup and serve traditional Québécois food. We went to Cabane à Pierre, which is about an hour away from Québec City. This is supposed to be a food post but I literally took zero pictures of the food, and the pictures that I did take of the surrounding area are really terrible, but here they are anyways.

We started off the evening in front of those logs (Picture 1), where a guy explained to us the process of getting sap from the tree, then letting the water evaporate until it turned into delicious sugary goodness. Then we went inside to enjoy some Québécois folk music (the fiddle and the spoons!), which was super cute because it was a father-son duo that was providing the music (Picture 2). Here is a list of what we were served: soup, pancakes, beans, ham and other meats, potatoes, and bread. Some people like to pile all of that onto their plate and then douse it in maple syrup! To end off the night, we had some tire d’érable, which is maple syrup poured onto snow and then quickly snatched up using a popsicle stick so that the maple syrup dries on your stick and you can eat it like a lollipop (Picture 3).


Honestly, it doesn’t matter where you get your poutine. You can even get it at McDonald’s if you want. I got my poutine from Chez Ashton, which is a popular Québécois fast food place. Here is a picture of my poutine, which I ate on the Plains of Abraham.



The lovely Restaurant aux Anciens Canadiens is the place to eat if you want to have some authentic Québécois food. It’s really close to the heart of Vieux-Québec, so it’s a nice place to eat if you want to get some exploring done afterwards.


Our meal started off with an appetizer that consisted of toast, a wild caribou pâté thing and a carrot confit. Those things sort of sound weird together, but it tasted SO GOOD; I think it was actually my favourite part of the meal. The toast was just the right amount of crunchy! For the main course, I ate a tourtière, which is like a meat pie. That also tasted delicious. For dessert was a maple syrup tart (of course!). I usually am not a dessert person, but this tasted amazing despite its too-sweet sugaryness!


Marché du Vieux-Port is small, but has lots of goodies and is usually stuffed with tourists! It’s a nice place to walk around in and explore – there are flowers and fruits and vegetables everywhere!

I had the pleasure of eating at the market twice! The first time, I got a poutine hot dog from the place in the picture below. At first I was very confused because the lady only put sauerkraut on my hot dog, and I went back to ask her where my cheese and gravy were. And then she told me it was all INSIDE the hot dog. That was a bit weird, and of course the cheese was not in curd form so that was also a bit strange, but the hot dog tasted pretty good all the same! (Also, I’m sorry about the mangled up hot dog in the picture below, but I wanted to show you how the cheese was inside! It’s the yellow stuff dripping onto the wrapper.)

I also got some mini-crêpes! Two chocolate and one apple (3 for $5!). Both flavours were delicious.

So these are all the foods I’ve eaten so far on my trip that are traditionally or famously or touristly Québécois! (If you’d like more information about any of these food places, links to websites are all over the page!)


One thought on “Québec City: FOOD

  1. Stephanie Ko says:

    Aahh! I love everything about this post. But maybe especially the cabane à sucre. Also, I definitely have a soft spot for Québécois folk music after studying it briefly in high school ❤️

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