Soupe & Cie

The other day, I went all the way to Limoilou, a neighbourhood in Québec City on the other side of the Rivière Saint-Charles. For some reason, basically every restaurant in the neighbourhood was closed, but my friend and I were fortunate enough to come across Soupe et cie*, which was open for business and also highly recommended by people from Québec City.


Those are bras and they make a nice but bizarre and inexplicable and frankly ineffective canopy over the patio!

The whole restaurant specializes in SOUP, which is pretty cool. I love soup! They even have chocolate soup for dessert! I ordered the Lebanese soup, which was very tasty and also came with some pita and hummus. The soup was a mix of sweet and sour, made of chicken broth, and it had a bit of rice in it as well. Those nuts floating on the top of the soup also added a nice flavour to it! I really liked the soup, but personally I would have enjoyed it more if there were vegetables or some meat in it! I found myself getting hungry quite soon after.

wpid-wp-1438117314624.jpgThe restaurant was really cozy to sit in, especially because the weather outside was just horrendous! There was a long, comfy, velvety pink bench stuffed with pillows and cushions. There were (hopefully and probably fake) tree stumps used as stools, and spoons and ladles were attached to the wall to be used as coat hooks!

We also had a really nice server. That helps too.

Soupe et cie / 522 3e Avenue, Québec City / (no website because Google tells me it might have been hacked!)

*Cie is actually the short form for the word compagnie, like how we have co. in English!

P.S. The touristy foods I ate in Québec!


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