Québec City: FUN

Québec City is a pretty big place, and every little neighbourhood has its own fun quirks! Here are some of the neighbourhoods that are worth exploring!


Of course, visiting Québec City means doing touristy things in Vieux-Québec. This is where you’ll find the majority of the museums and other cultural centres in the city. This is also where you’ll hear the most English. Fun things to do:

  • Visit the Château Frontenac! This is also where you can find the nicest public washrooms (I know because I visited several times).
  • Walk along the Dufferin Terrace. It’s nice and long and there’s a beautiful view of the Saint Lawrence River and Lévis and ice cream shops abound!
  • Visit a church! There are so many and they are all so pretty and beautiful.
  • Watch a busker show. These people are talented. They’re also all very creative in the way that they ask you for money (e.g. “Last night I had a dream about these beautiful blue birds that flew into my hat, and it turns out these blue birds were $5 bills!”).


Petit Champlain is the super duper picturesque part of Vieux-Québec, located at the bottom of the very long stairs (Québec City is situated on a cliff – all the better for Champlain to survey the Saint Lawrence River in case the British attacked!). The cobblestone streets and old-looking buildings make this area a really nice place to wander in.

One super cool place to highlight is Les Trois Corbeaux, a glass blowing studio where you can watch people make beautiful things out of glass, and where you can also purchase some of these beauties!


Limoilou is known as the poorest area of Québec City, but it’s still beautiful and nice to wander in nonetheless, probably because it is right along the Saint Charles River! When I visited, we bought subs from Les Sous-Marins du Marinier and ate them in a beautiful park. We then followed a nice trail along the river!

3e avenue is also pretty fun to explore; there are tons of restaurants and cafés to enjoy (such as Soupe & Cie!). There are also very cool benches and things here.


Out of all the non-touristy parts of Québec, I think I spent the most time at Saint-Roch. Rue Saint-Joseph is so fun to walk down, again for eating purposes, but there are also big stores along the way too. I also stumbled upon a beautiful café called Nektar Caféologue. An employee was out on the street giving out samples and I had an iced coffee sort of thing and it was like a beautiful explosion of deliciousness in my mouth, but it took me a few weeks to actually sit myself down in the café. When I did, I feel like I got another drink (I never found out the name of the sample drink) but it still tasted great and it was a lovely place to hang out in!

So there you have it! Fun places to explore in Québec City, touristy and non-touristy! Here’s a map that I made! (Really I just wanted to draw all over things like traffic people on the morning news. Also thanks Google!)



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