Camping for City People


This past weekend, I went on a lovely camping trip with some wonderful friends! There was some slight hesitation in my part in terms of going because I am such a suburbanite and I’m bad outdoors. (Literally – the maternal side of my family has a terrible skin condition that turns mosquito bites into giant blisters and my right foot still looks like it belongs to a pregnant woman.) Regardless, I had a lot of fun and my eyes have been opened to the joy of camping!

So here they are, reasons to go camping even if you are no good at it!!

Friendship! Dangerous Dan had a tough time with the camping too due to his discomfort with campfires and smoke, but as he said, “I’m here for the people.” I am so happy I went on this trip because even though it’s been a year since leaving university, the friend ship has not yet sailed away and my friends and I got to know each other better and we made so many new memories together too! I feel like that kind of thing happens more easily when you’re in the middle of nowhere and have no phone reception.

Beautiful scenery! My friends and I went to Charleston Lake and everything was beautiful. We followed a little trail and got a great view of the lake and trees and people kayaking and canoeing, and we even woke up for the sunrise even though it was cloudy and early and we had already kind of missed it. It was still beautiful.

Camping builds character. When camping, you have to do everything – putting up the tent, cooking, doing the dishes, putting food away at the end of the night, keeping the fire going, eating the marshmallows. I was very tempted to just sit in my lawn chair especially due to my busted foot, but it is everyone’s duty to help out! Also you don’t want your friends to think you’re a lazy bum.

No expectation to maintain the standard level of hygiene. Charleston Lake is very nice and has these super clean “comfort stations” that even have showers, but we all know how much I hate showering. So I just didn’t.

Nature and animals! My friend brought her dog and I have never felt more connected to an animal. There were also minnows in the lake, and we found a snail. Oh and also too many bugs to count.


Go camping; summer’s almost over!

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