Punctuation Pals

Hello! It’s been a while. (Whenever life gets busy, this blog disappears into the crevices of my brain, which is good because it means I still exist in the real world.)

It’s taken me over a year, but I’ve finally done it – wrote a little story, drew some pictures, and stuck it on the internet.

Last year, my friend held a contest asking people to draw an ampersand (&). Most people designed beautiful typography/calligraphy things, but I drew a little ampersand family and I won a Starbucks gift card! (I lost the actual image because I got a new computer in between then and now, and so I creepily took a screenshot of this from my friend’s instagram account. That is also why it is cut off. Sorry.)

ampersand family

Anyway, drawing this cute little family inspired me to add to the punctuation mark collection! And thus,ย The Punctuation Palsย were born!

Here is a link to my first story, which is entitled “The Surprise.” Here’s a quick synopsis:ย Exclamation Mark’s birthday is coming up, but Question Mark doesn’t know how to celebrate! Can the Punctuation Pals work together to throw the best birthday party ever in the history of the world?!

The Surprise Cover

Also, there is a $1 suggested donation, which means you can download the PDF for free, but if you want to leave some money you can, and any money that I do receive will be heading to a group or organization that uses the money to glorify God in some way.

P.S. Please give credit if you share my silly story with others!


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