SongCook’s Authentic* Korean Restaurant

*You know it’s the real deal when the name of the restaurant has the word “authentic” in it.

I have a new food blogging goal. Remember in the summer when I blogged about hip and trendy restaurants in downtown Toronto (e.g. here and here)? Now that I am working and frankly just too tired to venture into the city, I have decided that I will blog about restaurants that are not in the city, places that no one blogs about, restaurants that are (gasp!) north of Steeles!

I’ll start gradually with SongCook’s Authentic Korean Restaurant, which is right on Steeles.

I really enjoy Korean food. My Korean food education has been quite spotty however; for the first 17 years of my life I thought the only thing Koreans ate was Korean BBQ. Then I was slowly introduced to dishes like bibimbap and good ol’ PBS (aka PORK BONE SOUP YUM) so anyway the point of this paragraph is to tell you that I am still shy and new when it comes to trying real Korean food. And I wasn’t that adventurous this time around either.

The first thing anyone gets at a Korean restaurant is those awesome little side dishes.

Here we have kimchi, yellow radishes, bean sprouts, and something brown. All things tasted WONDERFUL. Usually I just stuff my face with bean sprouts, but on this day I had a bit of everything. Those radishes were nice and crisp! That brown stuff tasted good. And I normally don’t eat kimchi because I cannot handle spicy things, but I tried some and I was able to enjoy it! Side dishes: 9/10! (Not a 10 because of the lack of glass noodles; I thought they were a staple!)

I ordered a seafood noodle soup, not sure what its Korean name is but on the menu it was T5.

Those noodles were HANDMADE, and you could tell (in a good way). They just tasted special! In the soup was some nappa cabbage, some green peppers, a shrimp, and some mussels. Seaweed and green onions are always the perfect garnish! This soup was also made soooo much better with the preserved vegetable sauce thing the waiters gave me (pictured on the plate in the top right corner by the ruins of my kimchi).

So if you’re looking for a tasty Korean restaurant, SongCook’s is great! It’s beside a Korean supermarket so again, you know it’s legit.

I also wanted to mention that when I searched up the restaurant on Google to get the website link, there was a little graph that lets you see when the restaurant’s busiest hours are! Truly amazing. Google is taking over the world.

SongCook’s Authentic Korean Restaurant / 72 Steeles Avenue West, Unit 6, Thornhill, Ontario (easier to get in from Yonge!) /


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