Eating Food with my Hands

Remember that scene in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days when Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey go on a date and they’re wearing bibs and eating lobster? That is basically how I felt at The Captain’s Boil except not as clean and beautiful.

The Captain’s Boil is super new (only opened within the last month!), but it is already booming. I would say that this popularity is really due to the novelty of eating like a wild beast! It is the only seafood boil in town.

I visited the restaurant with some friends, so we ordered a bunch of different things to share. My end of the table only got shrimp and mussels because we’re poor. There are four sauces to choose from: Cajun Cajun (spicyyyyy), Lemon Pepper (lemony), Garlic (garlicky), and The Captain’s Boil (a mix of all three!).

The food comes in plastic bags which the waiters just dump in the middle of the table. To enjoy the food, one simply reaches into the bag, chooses a piece of seafood to eat, plops it onto the table, and dives in!

In terms of flavour, the food was delicious. Since the food came in bags, everything was covered with sauce. See how this mussel is filled to the brim with garlic!


Literally everything was on the spicy side, though. My friends and I ordered the “no spice” option but still we screamed for water, faces turning red, tears coming out of our eyes. The spiciest thing of all was the Cajun fries. We had to dip them into the ketchup in order to cool them down. A fun thing we did was put the fries into our saucy, now-empty bags. We made some tasty garlic and lemon fries!

What I really enjoyed about this restaurant was the simple fact that I was eating with my HANDS. And I was really given free reign to do it because the restaurant comes with protection from the seafood! It was just so satisfying to me to not have to worry about my hands getting all oily and gross. Also, have you ever pulled a mussel out of its shell?! It’s strangely exhilarating, and it feels squishy.


Bib and gloves!

All in all, I enjoyed my time at the Captain’s Boil. It was a lot of fun despite the spice! My only concern is that there’s a lot of waste at the end of a meal, since the bibs and cups and bags and seafood remains all get thrown out. Easy to clean up, but sad for the environment.


The Captain’s Boil / 5313 Yonge Street, Toronto / / Facebook




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