Clumpy Noodles

Yesterday night, Dangerous Dan texted me and asked, “Do you want to go to Tatsuyaka for dinner tonight?” Then we arrived and the restaurant was called Touhenboku Ramen. “Oh, sorry, I thought it was called Tokomaru,” another friend said.

Ramen is very hip and cool these days, and funky downtown ramen joints are making their way up to the suburbs (such as Sansotei in Markham!). Touhenboku has also just arrived from Toronto.

The space itself is very cute and Instagrammable. It’s a lot brighter than most other ramen spots. Waiters also scream at you when you come in and when you leave, just like at other ramen places.

wp-1450531064379.jpgwp-1450531064386.jpgThe ramen at Touhenboku is slightly cheaper than at other places (around $10), but soon we figured out why – it wasn’t that great! (This is going to be my first not-so-positive restaurant review and it really hurts my heart!)

I had a black (which means garlic) chicken soup with pork shoulder and thin noodles. The portions were kind of small, there was only one piece of meat, and the restaurant had run out of a lot of ingredients … but the worst part was, the noodles were undercooked and therefore STUCK TOGETHER! And so I spent a lot of time trying to unstick the noodles. And that was no fun.

Anyways, to end on a positive note, the ramen didn’t taste terrible and it was still an enjoyable experience because going out to eat with friends is about relationships and not food.

P.S. The waiters’ shirts and the restaurant logo also looked suspiciously like the uniforms at the wonderful CoGro at Queen’s University.

Touhenboku Ramen / 1070 Major Mackenzie Drive East, Richmond Hill /

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