Winter in Asia (Round 2)

This all feels so familiar …

 Now that a set of grandparents has moved back to the motherland, I will be traveling to Asia much more frequently than I did in the past. Since my mom can’t deal with the Hong Kong heat, we usually visit in the winter.
This time around, I (of course) went to Hong Kong, where I mostly spent time with family and friends.

This was the view from our hotel room. OUR HOTEL ROOM. Amazing.

I also went on a cruise, the Quantum of the Seas! Asian cruises are very interesting and, quite frankly, not something I have much interest in doing again. This ship is also full of silly gimmicks, like a robot bartender and a skydiving simulator.

This is a bad picture I took from one of the silly gimmicks, a giant arm that flings you over the side of the ocean! Just joking, it is like a giant glass ball that moves up and down. All I saw was more of the ocean.

Our first stop on the cruise was Xiamen. We took a ferry to neighbouring Gulangyu, which was really cute and fun to explore!

Then we went to Naha in Okinawa, which is a Japanese island that is closer to China than it is to Japan so it’s probably not a good indicator of what Japan is like. We visited a castle and ate ramen!

Now I am back at home and life is terrible. I shall reminisce about my trip as I upload these blog posts from a much more relaxing time in my life!

2 thoughts on “Winter in Asia (Round 2)

  1. Stephanie Ko says:

    Aaahh! I was on Quantum’s last voyage in the Caribbean, before it left for Asia. Cool! I’ve been wondering what changes they made to cater to an Asian audience

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