Here comes a post on food and fusion and fun! Inspire Restaurant is a cool blend of Asian foods and regular nice restaurant fare (i.e. burgers, pasta, steak).

Dangerous Dan took me to Inspire for my birthday a few weeks ago, and it was DELICIOUS. I feel like I use that word in basically all of my food posts, but it truly was very tasty!

First off, I will say that I was very annoying and called multiple times to keep pushing our reservation back due to the snowy weather. The lady who answered the phone was very kind and helpful!

I ate a beautiful salmon burger and subbed my regular fries for duck confit fries. It all tasted AMAZING. I always have trouble with burgers (everything falls out of the bun) but I feel like this time worked out quite well. It also tasted like a Thai restaurant exploded in my mouth, in a good way! (Not sure if that’s what they were going for, but I don’t have the most discerning palate anyway so I think it’s fine if I describe the burger like that.)

The duck confit fries were also very yummy because who doesn’t like fries?! With duck confit added on top?! Plus, I’m a sucker for green onions.

My one concern was the logo at the top of the menu. It looks like it says “INS.” As a result, I spent more time looking for the “ire” than I did reading the menu!


Overall, my experience at Inspire was very wonderful and I will definitely be back to try another dish! It’s also located on the lovely Main Street Markham so you can enjoy a nice stroll before or after your meal!

Inspire Restaurant / 144 Main Street Markham North, Unit 1, Markham / website



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