Food with a View

A couple of weekends ago, I headed downtown to partake in some Winterlicious fun! (Winterlicious is over now, but prepare yourself for Summerlicious! Coming your way July 8.)

My friends and I went to the CN Tower, which was very exciting because even though I was born in Toronto, I don’t think I’d ever actually gone up to the observation deck or the infamous glass floor. We ate at Horizons Restaurant which offered a lovely prix fixe lunch menu for 23ish dollars! (We are obviously too poor to go to the cool revolving restaurant!)

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were told that our table wasn’t ready yet, so we took some time to take pictures of the city and look out at beautiful Lake Ontario!

We returned to the restaurant at our scheduled time and were told that the table still wasn’t ready! We’d seen enough of the cityscape (Toronto really doesn’t look that interesting) and so we waited to be seated for FORTY-FIVE MINUTES even though we’d made reservations.

We finally got our table and quickly ordered because we were hungry and had already perused the menu while waiting. I had a delicious Yukon Gold Potato and Celeriac Soup to start, and then a Wellington County Beef Bourguignon, which was surprisingly filling. For dessert, I had a Southern Ontario Apple Pie. Unfortunately, the pie was cold! Aren’t apple pies supposed to be warm? At what temperature do you normally eat apple pies? I asked the waiter to heat it up and he was very kind and stuck it in the microwave and it was so hot when it came back! Delicious. And points for everything being local; that was great too.

After our meal, the CN Tower people gave us free tickets to SkyPod since we had to wait for our table for so long. That was nice because tickets for SkyPod are usually $12 which I honestly don’t think is worth it. It was just another, higher view of Toronto! We also went up to the observation deck (very windy!) and we stepped on the glass floor of death. Just joking, it felt very safe. People were lying down on it.

So that is that for my wintery downtown adventure! Notice how the grass is green in all of my pictures. I’m glad the Toronto area is finally covered in snow, although this weekend promises to change that. Not cool, climate change. Not cool.

Horizons Restaurant / CN Tower, 301 Front Street West, Toronto / website


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