Tangled Noodles


Hello, everyone! I’m back with another post on (unfortunately) mediocre ramen! (Click here to read about a particularly horrifying experience.)

I decided to try Jyuban Ramen House, which can be found in the lovely Commerce Gate (a frequent stop for any young Asian person living in the GTA). My time at the restaurant was interesting indeed! I’m going to write a list.

Interesting Moment #1: First, I tried to open the door that leads out onto the street and found it to be locked! The people at the restaurant have closed that door off, and instead, require you to enter the mall (who knew there was an inside to this mall?!) and then enter the restaurant. Both my friend and I embarrassed ourselves when we tried to open that outside door. Embarrassing.

Interesting Moment #2: Instead of the menu cover having the name of the restaurant, it said something like, “Welcome to the MSG-FREE Ramen House!” And underneath there were all sorts of sticker/graphics with the words “chemicals” and “artificial flavours” behind not allowed/no symbols. (It took me so long to figure out what to call those! If you still don’t understand what I’m talking about, here’s a wikipedia article. Those signs are literally called no symbols!) It’s great that they are anti-MSG, but it’s just so funny that they would put that information on their menus as opposed to the name of the restaurant!

Interesting Moment #3: All of the ramen meat is the SAME. There are around 32 different types of ramen, all with cha siu (BBQ PORK!). The difference is in the noodles and the soup. Unfortunately, my friend was hoping for some variety, and when she asked for a katsu, the waitress said it was unavailable. So that was upsetting.

Interesting Moment #4: There are a lot of ramen places popping up all over the GTA. There is now a standard that all ramen shops need to meet! That being said, I felt as though the ramen at Jyuban was not as delicious as the ramen that I’ve had at other places. The noodles were tangled and difficult to place in my spoon!

Interesting Moment #5: After our meal, the waitress came by and set down a little container of toothpicks. My friend got excited at first because she thought it was a little dessert. I immediately became self-conscious and was worried that there was something in my teeth!

If you’re in the area and desperate for ramen, Jyuban Ramen House is not a bad choice (the staff is very friendly and the place is cute and clean!), but it wouldn’t be my first choice for eating ramen.

(I feel like I am getting meaner and meaner in my posts! Perhaps I will not post if I’m not extremely satisfied with my eating experience.)


Jyuban Ramen House / Commerce Gate, 505 Highway 7 East, Markham


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