Little Anthony’s

This past weekend, Dangerous Dan and I headed downtown to watch the BALLET because we’re cultured like that. I shall write a post on the beautiful dancing in the near future, but first, I have to talk about what we ate for dinner, because I’m from the suburbs, and when you’re from the suburbs, you have to take every chance you get to eat some delicious and fancy food in the city!


We went to Little Anthony’s Italian Restaurant, and it was just great! The reason I chose this restaurant is because it’s across the street from the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, which was where the ballet was being performed. Little Anthony’s knows a lot of its customers are ballet or opera-watchers, because it’s got a lovely pre-theatre prix fixe menu for only $35!

We had a nice waiter who gave us some bread and olive oil (and then topped it off afterwards with a second helping without us even really asking – WHAT A PLUS). Then it was time for our appetizer! Dangerous Dan and I both got a Minestrone Soup. It was very delicious and my favourite part was the pesto on top – it made it a bit oily which I kind of loved. For the main course, I had Salmon Al Forno, a salmon dish with some beans and swiss chard. I don’t even like beans, but the rest of the dish was so yummy that it made the beans okay to eat! Dangerous Dan had a Rigatoni Arrabiata, which I found to be a bit spicy because I have absolutely zero spice tolerance. Finally, we had some chocolatey desserts.

Dangerous Dan and I arrived at the restaurant around 5 pm, and it was pretty empty. When we left, it was packed! If you’re going to Little Anthony’s before a show, make sure to make reservations and maybe even go a bit earlier. (Another plus – Little Anthony’s does its reservations on, so if you’re awkward on the phone like me, then you can avoid all that nonsense altogether!)

Overall, it was a great meal! It also left me feeling satisfied, but not so full that I was in pain and bloated agony while stuck in a chair for 3 hours.


Little Anthony’s Italian Restaurant / 121 Richmond Street West, Toronto / website



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