It’s Not Easy Being Green

A couple of weekends ago, Dangerous Dan and I attended the Green Living Show (free, courtesy of my father’s work connections!). It’s an annual trade show-type event where vendors and entrepreneurs and other types of people can show off their exciting products! In this case, every product had a tinge of the colour green! Just joking, everything was just super nice for dear Mother Nature.

Dangerous Dan and I kind of wandered haphazardly around the giant Metro Convention Centre, so this post is going to be very disorganized. Below, I will discuss some of the things that popped out at me or that I found interesting!

The first section we walked through was dedicated to the TREES of Ontario!

Mostly furniture makers here. One booth that stood out to me was Junction Wood + Metal. The smooth wood! The bright colours! It was all calling to me! But then Dangerous Dan reminded me that I don’t have my own home to furnish and also as a recent graduate, I also have very little money. So we quickly skedaddled out of the wood/furniture section.

Next, we made it to the HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS section. We saw some really cool things!

Extremely bright lightbulbs from Nanoleaf, complete with a cute little dollhouse! These bulbs are energy-efficient, and you can control the settings with your phone!

We also saw an adorable little clothes-washing contraption (from Yirego)! You simply place your clothes inside the spherical container, pour some water in and get some detergent in there, close it all up, then pump your clothes into cleanliness with nothing but your foot! You could do this while watching TV, doing a crossword puzzle, or while waiting for the Purolator guy to drop off a package! No need for plugs, all you need is good old human kinetic energy. Plus, it uses less water, too.

Another highlight of this section was Baby on the Hip. I am boring and usually go to the mall to buy things, but it’s great to support local businesses, and of course, everything at this store is organic and eco-friendly. I was trying to decide whether or not I should buy some sunscreen for little Andy, aka the best nephew ever, and while I was deliberating, one of the employees gave me a free shampoo/body wash (from Jessica Alba’s Honest Company) and I was so delighted that I forgot about everything else and walked away!

The real kicker for this section of the show was the Dyson booth. I don’t like the smell of some vacuum cleaners and my current vacuum goes into the wall, so this particular vacuum cleaner was a great change and absolutely delightful! I even got to try it out! The very friendly volunteer poured some beads on the ground and I sucked them all up! It was handheld, light (a big plus because I’m very weak), there were no wires (so no tripping!), and no bags, which means saving money in the long run. The vacuum also filters the air, so those nasty little dust particles don’t fly up your nose. It was such a great vacuum. Unfortunately, I cannot afford it, and I was unsuccessful in their “Win a free vacuum cleaner!” competition.

Then it was time to enjoy some eco-friendly FOOD. This was my favourite part, for obvious reasons. The first food-related booth we came across was for One Hop Kitchen. The person at the booth was encouraging/force-feeding attendees to try the delicious Bolognese sauce, made from all sorts of different kinds of INSECTS. I was too horrified to try. I got real close though, and it looked pretty standard, but with flavours like “Mealworm” and “Cricket Bolognese,” my brain was shouting at me to stay away!

The rest of the food section was pretty cool! I tried some juices from Green Press but there was a bit too much of a vegetable taste for me. Then, Dangerous Dan and I were bombarded with all sorts of samples from The Organic Garage! I had almond butter, quinoa chips, and all sorts of yummy goodies! I find that the majority of those snack foods taste just as good as the “regular” kinds, so I think I might hit up a Healthy Planet (another exhibitor!) or some other organic foods store to get some healthier options for my snacks. Oh wait, I don’t eat snacks. Do I care about my health at all?!?!

The next exhibitor we stumbled upon is now going to get her own paragraph because her product was so cool and interesting! A Spice Above is a very cool company that sells bags of spices, which you mix with sour cream or mayonnaise to make delicious dips! How ingenious! I bought 4 packets (there was a special deal) and I’m excited to try them out at a potluck or dinner party or whatever else young adults do these days. The flavours are really exciting! We got New England Lobster, Aged Alpine Asiago, Caramelized French Onion, and Cool as a Cucumber! Dangerous Dan also ate about 38 baby pretzel sticks at this booth and was too full for dinner as a result.

Those are some of my highlights from the Green Living Show in Toronto! Some stray observations that didn’t fit anywhere else in this post: Bees are dying so we have to save them by planting flowers and constructing bee hotels; cycling in Toronto can be safe and simple; I got my posture tested and the prognosis was grim; and there was a cafeteria-type area where people could eat entirely organic meals!

They’ll have another show next year. They’ve already sort of updated the site so here is the link and love our earth!!!!



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