My Time in “The County”

Last weekend was a long weekend thanks to Victoria Day, the celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday, which oddly enough is not observed in England or anywhere else in the world except for Canada! I, along with my family and Dangerous Dan, journeyed up the 401 to lovely Kingston!

We did lots of relaxing, but also some adventuring! Here are a few pictures and some descriptions of things we did.

Kingston is surrounded by lots of little towns and it was time to explore them! I spent 5 years in Kingston and rarely visited nearby towns because I was busy “studying.” Now that my sister considers herself a true Kingstonian, she took us on a short tour of some cute towns in Prince Edward County, aka “The County.” To get there, we drove for a while and hopped on a ferry and apparently it was really beautiful, but I was asleep in the car in order to keep my baby nephew company.


We walked around for about 2 seconds in Picton, and I guess that was the whole town. There was some sidewalk construction so the walking was a bit limited.

We passed by a little cafe called Vic, which was fitting due to the reason for our holiday! There was even a little crown on the table outside the cafe. (If you zoom in, I think you’ll see it.)

The next picture over is of the public library which looks so fancy! Just past the right frame of the photo was a little construction zone for kids and it was so cute! I should’ve taken a picture but I had just woken up from my long nap so my photo judging skills were poor.

There was also a statue of John A. Macdonald in his younger days, outside the court room where he worked. (Again, no picture. I completely failed at this! How terrible!) Did you know that he was a lawyer before he became Prime Minister, and he did something impressive in the world of law at the age of 19??? (I am trying to wikipedia it, but I can’t seem to find it and it’s getting late, so if you’re interested you can just look it up yourself.)


My sister says Slickers has the best ice cream ever, and the villagers of Bloomfield seem to think so (according to the County website, Bloomfield is indeed a village!), because there was a loooong line to get into the tiny shop. I had a yummy “Henry Goes Camping” ice cream, which is a mix of the “Campfire Parfait” flavour (chocolatey and marshmallowy) and Oh Henry! bars. Delicious! I don’t know what anyone else in my family got; I was too preoccupied with my own ice cream cone.

WELLINGTON: Drake Devonshire

Lastly, our final stop – Drake Devonshire Inn (an offshoot of The Drake Hotel in Toronto) for a quick dinner before heading back to Kingston. The tiny boutique hotel is tucked away by the water and it looks like a pretty sweet place to spend a very expensive night!

The inn has a very old and antique-y quality to it, except for this one room called “The Glass Box,” which is like a hangout space/fun room! Dangerous Dan and I played ping pong. Also, see how much sunlight is let in thanks to the large windows! It really is a glass box! One more thing to add – in the bottom right photo, in the bottom right corner, there are little colourful plastic elephants and they are stools.

We enjoyed our dinner out on the (chilly) patio by the water. It was BEAUTIFUL. To be honest, the food did not really wow me, and there weren’t many options, but the view and the atmosphere of the restaurant really makes up for it! And it wasn’t like the food tasted bad, anyway. My trout was very tasty!

All in all, I had a wonderful time on my little day trip. Prince Edward County is definitely worth a visit if you are in Kingston or Toronto or anywhere in between! It’s only a short drive away and it really makes the big, gross city seem far, far away.

P.S. Thanks Sister for taking us!



One thought on “My Time in “The County”

  1. Stephanie Ko says:

    Last summer when I went to Prince Edward County, I went to Slickers and the Drake Devonshire too, haha! The area is beautiful :)

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